How to Wholesale TWS Earbuds From China ? Five Things You Have to Know

What’s the hottest item in mobile phone accessory industry ? 
It’s no doubt that it’s TWS earbuds .
Yes ,you will find that many brands entered into TWS earbuds industry ,like Samsung /JBL /LG/Huawei and so on .it’s so easy to find a brand TWS earbuds in market .Do you want to import TWS earbuds from China ? you may find the market is in chaos ,price ranges from 10usd-20usd or higher from China manufacture .so how to import TWS earbuds may be the issue for you .We would like to share our experience to help you .

tws earphone market trend

Data from ZDC /GFK for TWS earbuds demand report ,it’s said that According to Guangfa Securities, the global real wireless stereo (TWS) is expected to achieve high-speed growth in 2018-2020, with shipments reaching 65 million, 100 million and 150 million, respectively, with an annual composite growth rate of 51.9%. GfK also expects the market size of TWS headphones to reach US$11.042 billion by 2020, with a compound growth rate of 76.7% between 2017 and 2020.

since I have been in this industry for 7 years ,I would like to share with you for some knowledge about wholesale TWS earbuds from China .Now you can easily learn about it from the following points :

1.    What’s TWS earbuds 
2.    The advantage and disadvantage of TWS Earbuds 
3.    Price for TWS earbuds 
4.    Certification for importing TWS earbuds from China 
5.    Important things you need to care about when import TWS earbuds from China 

Chapter 1 .What’s TWS earbuds 

Since the removal of 3.5mm jack from the iPhone 7 ,the Bluetooth market has developed crazily ,and the types of Bluetooth earphone have emerged in an endless stream especially a TWS wireless Bluetooth earphones,which makes consumers confused ,what’s a TWS earphone ?

You need know something about TWS Technology when refers to TWS Bluetooth headset .TWS is short for True Wireless stereo ,meaning true wireless stereo ,the implementation of this technology is based on the development of chip technology .Technically ,it means that the mobile phone is connected to the main speaker through the connection of the main speaker through Bluetooth wireless connection from the speaker ,realizing the wireless separation of real Bluetooth left and right sound channels .when no connection is made from the speaker ,the main speaker returns to the monophonic sound quality .The technology of TWS has been applied to the filed of Bluetooth headset ,which has spawned a new product ,the TWS Bluetooth headset .

tws earbuds


sports bluetooth earphone

Then how TWS earbuds work ? it’s quite interesting ,I am sure its wireless function really captured people’s attention when compared with other earphones .it offers people a life of wireless and get rid of cable ,how amazing it is ! 

Let’s figure out how true wireless earbuds work .

TWS headphone

It’s same like the traditional wireless headphones ,true wireless headphones receive a Bluetooth signal from your phone via 1 2.4GHz wavelength .the path of transfer renders your phone a transimitter and the earbuds receivers .Unlike typical wireless earbuds –which receive the signal simultaneously since the earbuds are connected by wire—truly wireless earbuds designate one earbud as the primary receiver ,the other becomes the secondary receiver .

Chapter 2 The advantage and disadvantage of TWS Earbuds 

TWS earbuds features a Bluetooth headset and has a charging box .you can use the charging box to charge your earbuds .

tws earbuds


tws earbuds

Compared to the Bluetooth earphone ,the advantage of TWS earbuds is quite obvious 

1.    Without cable ,truly wireless .
2.    Share and enjoy music with each other ,make life more romantic 

Because the TWS Bluetooth headset does not require a cable connection ,the two sets of headphones make a sound system through Bluetooth ,listening to songs ,phone calls and wearing all the way up,and soon ,it’s very popular among business and young people .However its price quite expensive compared with common Bluetooth earphone .

It comes with a charging box to charge the earbuds at any time ,which easily lost .so you may need a earbud case to keep it in your bags or pouches .

Chapter 3 Price for TWS earbuds 

It’s not hard to find price for TWS earbuds on different platform ,you will quickly find the price is quite different but the design looks similar .It’s no doubt that price varies much due to different feature and quality .

Price ranges from 9-20usd ,this is because the chip /battery and sound quality is quite different . This is similar to the mobile phone’s CPU. The type of CPU the phone has determines its price.

bluetooth earphones

For example, the price of a mobile phone with the CPU of Snapdragon 845 may be around $450, while the price of a mobile phone with a CPU of Snapdragon 660 may be only around $220.

Currently, the main Bluetooth headset chip manufacturers in China are as follow,we will summary for your reference and we will also amylase the main chip’s advantage .then you can make a compare when purchase .

bluetooth earphone chip brand

A.    Airoha AB1526P 

Airoha  AB1526P supports Bluetooth V5.0. It has built-in baseband and transmitter for high fidelity audio applications, and supports broadband voice defined by dual microphones for better noise reduction and echo cancellation performance. Support A2DP, HFP, HSP and AVRCP.

Airoha Luda AB1526P embedded serial flash memory, more flexible support for customer software upgrade and third-party software porting. With optimized MCU structure, interface layout and better DSP algorithm, Airoha Luda AB1526P provides higher performance and voice and music quality in most Bluetooth audio applications.

In addition, compared with the previous Airoha network AB1526, Airoha network AB1526P also supports TWS two-pronged and bilateral calls.

bluetooth earphone chip

B.    Airoha AB1532 

Airoha's latest low-power chip AB1532 supports Bluetooth 5.0 + EDR. It has built-in high-performance DSP, high-res high-resolution music and automatic compensation of high, middle and low frequencies. Support multi-MIC, multiple peripheral interfaces, easy to adjust the tap/touch/light sensor.

TWS is connected by a new way of communication, avoiding Apple's dual-access patent, regardless of platform, compatible with all mobile phones. At the same time, it has better RF characteristics, simple antenna design and strong anti-interference.

Low power consumption, the working current of left and right ears is less than 10 mA. Low latency, less than 130ms for cell phone and less than 25us for left and right ears. Seamless switching time of main and auxiliary aircraft is less than 20 ms.

Compared with the previous AB1526P chip, it adds many customized applications such as low-power voice wake-up, local voice set-up, environment monitoring, and has the function of "Share me", which can support two pairs of TWS connections (four headphones).

bluetooth earphone



CW6626B is a high performance 51-Core mixed-signal microprocessor, which supports Bluetooth 5.0 and is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0/3.0/2.1+EDR mode .CW6626B integrates advanced digital and analog peripheral components into a whole to meet different application needs.

CW6626B uses 51 MCU core, which is compatible with the instruction set of MCS-51TM MCU, and is convenient for subsequent development.

In the aspect of Bluetooth, Bluetooth 5.0 BR/EDR/BLE mode is integrated, radio frequency receiver and transmitter are built in, TWS mode is supported, and true wireless Bluetooth stereo can be formed.

Built-in audio decoder, support MP3, SBC and other audio decoding, support 16-bit stereo DAC, signal-to-noise ratio of 90 dB, support EQ accelerator.

bluetooth earbuds


CW6693D is a dual-core high-performance mixed signal processor composed of 51-Core MCU and 32-bit DSP. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 and can be downward compatible. CW6693D integrates advanced digital and analog peripherals to meet different application requirements.

CW6693D single chip integrates Bluetooth 5.0 BR/EDR/BLE, supports TWS mode, integrates RF transmission and reception, and Gauss shift keying-90dBm (typical).

Audio hardware supports MP3/SBC/mSBC decoding, mSBC coding, hardware AEC and EQ acceleration, 90 dB signal-to-noise ratio 16-bit stereo digital-to-analog converter, 83 dB signal-to-noise ratio 16-bit stereo analog-to-digital converter, differential audio output and fixed instruction speech recognition functions.

Audio software supports full decoding; reverberation (echo, rerverb), full-mode silencing, magic tone (variable speed tone change), combination of bass and stress, improvement of voice quality (dual mic active noise reduction); self-research or IP authorization can support all sound processing on the market.

bluetooth earphone

D.  Actions

Actions ATS300X series is a high-quality Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which is a new generation of Bluetooth headset products launched by Torch Core. It has small volume, multi-function, compact periphery, and can be flexibly adapted to various dies.

Actions ATS300X has the characteristics of high sound quality, low power consumption and stable Bluetooth performance. It can realize the functions of true Bluetooth wireless headset (TWS) and intelligent Bluetooth voice. In addition, ATS300X has perfect configuration tools and mass production testing tools, but also has ultra-high cost performance, pro-people prices.

Actions Torch Core ATS300X Series new products built-in 150MHz MIPS32 processor, support digital microphone and analog microphone input, built-in 18mW stereo headphone amplifier, support Bluetooth V5.0, and compatible with Bluetooth V2.1~V4.2.

This scheme is a portable Bluetooth headset product, which has low power consumption. It has built-in ROM and large capacity RAM. It can meet the needs of different Bluetooth application schemes to a large extent.

bluetooth earbuds



BES2300 is a fully integrated adaptive active noise reduction scheme, which supports Bluetooth 5.0, LBRT low-frequency forwarding technology and dual-mode Bluetooth 4.2. It also supports the third generation FWS all-wireless stereo technology, dual microphones, dynamic master-slave switching support, AI voice assistant support, official data show that the average power consumption can reach 6mA, using 28nm, BGA packaging.

Supporting noise reduction technology, especially high-performance adaptive active noise reduction technology, can enable high-end active noise reduction headphones to use a fully integrated chip to achieve high-quality and active noise reduction.

BES2300 also supports external heart rate sensors, acceleration sensors, and other external sensor devices and eMMC flash memory, which can achieve the purpose of playing music by external storage devices.

BES2300 can output sound to headphones and home stereos, as well as record from external microphones.

F. Broadcom 

BCM43436 Mono Bluetooth Audio Chip


Cypress recently launched a new Bluetooth audio product to provide a leading performance experience for users of wireless headphones and hearing devices. This solution is based on wireless audio stereo synchronization (WASS) application and CYW20721 Bluetooth and low power Bluetooth (BLE) audio MCU. It can provide a very stable and reliable wireless connection for wireless headphones and enable users to enjoy a differentiated performance experience.

Compared with other TWS true wireless schemes, the link budget of Cypress WASS scheme is 6 dB higher, which is equal to doubling the effective transmission distance. Longer transmission distances and the addition of WASS applications mean stronger "wearing" performance. Even if smart devices are placed in the back pocket or worn on the wrist, users can also enjoy an uninterrupted headphone audio experience. At the same time, the power consumption of the chip is 50% lower than that of similar products, thus doubling the playback time or reducing the size of batteries, making it possible to design and manufacture lighter devices.

The WASS software used in the highly integrated CYW20721 chip is the product of innovations in headphones, mobile devices and virtual reality over the past 15 years. In addition, multi-mode Bluetooth/BLE MCU also provides a number of important functions for consumers, such as language control, cloud-based voice services.

H. Realtek 


REALTEK RTL8763B is a complete TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset integration scheme. It supports Bluetooth 5.0, HFP 1.7, HSP 1.2, A2DP 1.3, AVRDP 1.6, SPP 1.2 and PDAP 1.0. It supports binaural call function. It uses 32-bit ARM processor, 24-bit DSP, runs at 160MHz with 8 Mbits Flash memory.

REALTEK RTL8763B has built-in lithium battery charging management, and built-in battery protection devices such as overvoltage, overcurrent and undervoltage protection. In terms of scalability, it supports three-way LED driver, touch IC control, analog and digital microphone input, and dual microphones.

REALTEK RTL8763B supports noise reduction function and environmental sound monitoring mode. It can be said that it is a high-performance all-round TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset integration scheme.

It is reported that REALTEK latest Bluetooth audio solution will also be on the market. REALTEK Ruiyu RTL877X supports Bluetooth 5.0.

I .Qualcomm 

bluetooth earbuds


CSR8675 supports Bluetooth V5.0, and for the first time introduces active noise reduction technology on CSR chip, making it the first Bluetooth audio system-level chip integrated with ANC flagship audio solution in the world.

CSR8675, a new SoC full integration feature, makes it unnecessary to configure an independent ANC chip, reduces the complex cost of active noise reduction technology in headphones, and enables manufacturers to achieve better sound quality and noise reduction effect in smaller product designs.


QCC3026 supports Bluetooth V5.0 with enhanced TrueWireless stereo technology, which can provide better performance with lower power consumption and higher cost performance. In terms of binaural connection, the enhanced Qualcomm True Wireless stereo protocol and improved radio frequency provide a stable overall wireless connection, bringing a more low-latency experience of simultaneous playback of dual headphones.

QCC3026 audio transmission, Bluetooth V5.0 higher transmission bandwidth can better support aptX audio technology, enjoy a higher quality of wireless Bluetooth audio. CVC noise reduction technology supports background noise and echo suppression, which can create a more quiet and seamless user experience.

The main difference with the TWS earbuds chips is through their sound quality.    This is especially ,very important for audiophiles ,who have higher requirements for the quality of the sound .there are so many brands focus on high-quality TWS earbuds ,such as Beats and Sony .

If you want import own brand with ordinary price ,you can feel free to share your sound quality request to suppliers .mostly of them can help to improve sound based on your needs .

Chapter 4 Certification for importing TWS earbuds from China 

bluetooth earphone certification


CE is a mandatory conformity mark for those who want to import to Europe . CE certification is limited to the basic safety requirements of products that do not endanger the safety of human beings, animals and goods, rather than general quality requirements.

The "CE" logo is a safety certification logo and is regarded as a passport for manufacturers to open and enter the European market.


FCC is short for Federal Communications Commission ,which is regulate electronic including network ,radio ,telecommunication ,satellites and related product .

FCC is a mandatory standard to enter into US market ,widely application in different industry .such as consumer electronic ,household applications and electric tools ,audio and video product ,toys and wireless product ….


ROHS or Restriction of Hazardous Substances regulates the use of 6 hazardous substances in the product. The hazardous substances include lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, PBDE, and PBB.

It is closely linked with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) 2002/96/EC which sets collection, recycling, and recovery targets for electrical goods and is a part of the legislative initiative to solve the problem of increasing toxic e-waste.


BQB Cerficication

Bluetooth authentication is also called BQB authentication
In short, if your product has Bluetooth functionality and has Bluetooth logo on its appearance, you must pass a certification called BQB.

Chapter 5 Important things you need to care about when import TWS earbuds from China

If you want to import TWS earbuds from China ,you must know something about your supplier first.

  • Where is mainly factory located for TWS earbuds ?
  • What’s the main test equipment for TWS earbuds ?
  • The basic MOQ 
  • Choose the right box style to make your brand stand out 
  • Customized TWS earbuds 
  • Shipment 

1. Where is mainly factory located for TWS earbuds ?

It’s very easy for you to find a TWS earbuds via Google ,Alibaba and electronic can find there are many manufacture here and make it’s hard to decide which one is best for you .

Most factory located in Shenzhen ,you can come to visit some factories that you selected online or exhibition .if you don’t have enough time ,as a sourcing agent ,we can offer this service to you from sourcing to shipment .

2. What’s the main test equipment for TWS earbuds ?

Find the suppliers ? quite easy .
Yes ,but how good they are is really a big headache .
Don’t worry ,here we share the main test equipment and question you need to check with factory to tell its manufacture ,R&D capacity .this is a must for a factory to have the capacity to offer TWS earbuds and guarantee its quality .but some trading company also with good supply chain and strong R&D capacity to develop own TWS earbuds ,you also can consider if their design ,quality and price suits for your market .

3. Test Equipment 

bluetooth earphone test equipment


bluetooth earphone equipment


bluetooth earphone equipment bluetooth earphone test equipment

Besides those equipment ,they must have professional engineers and test workers ,so pay attention to this and ask the sales to show you those equipment in product line .

You can be reliable if you check everything by yourself or your trusted sourcing agent .

4. The basic MOQ for TWS earbuds 

Common design 

Generally ,there is no MOQ limited if the design is very common in market .some factories can support low MOQ to support your business .

OEM brand 

Brand is value and can bring much higher profit for you if you have own brand .so your product need to be stand out with your logo .in this way ,you need to print or emboss your logo on the TWS earbuds ,factory mostly have MOQ request .generally their MOQ is 1000pcs and logo printing cost is free .

OEM brand comes with customized box .if your suppliers ask you for 3000pcs MOQ for box .don’t worry ,come to us and we will help you to solve this issue .

As a sourcing agent ,we have long term cooperated box manufacture as our backup to support all of our customized box with MOQ 1000pcs .

We also can offer customized box design with our professional design team to support you .

5.Choose the right box style to make your brand stand out 

Box ,in some extend ,stands for value and reputation of your brand and company .this is why famous brand not only pay attention to product itself but also box .it’s the box who firstly come to your eyes and get your attractions ,then they check your product ,this is true in most case .

So you need pay high attention to your box quality and design .here we share some luxury box to you .price is about 0.5usd/pcs .

bluetooth earphone box style

Also you can do uv or emboss /hot-silver your logo on the box to make it more high end .we always offer customized box to our partner ,so feel free to come to us at any time .

6. Customized your TWS earbuds 

There are limited space to print your logo due to TWS earphone is not big .but there still some area for you to customized it .

customized tws earbuds


customized your tws earphone


customized your tws earphone

7. TWS Earbuds shipment 

The charging box with lithium polymer battery ,so it will be little complicated than other common goods .

For samples shipment 

You can check shipping cost with your suppliers .it usually takes about 30usd for one kg samples shipment .
Fedex/UPS/DHL /TNT ,their officially service did not accept any goods with battery shipment ,also collect payment is not allowed for battery goods .

We also offer samples collection and shipment ,you just need to ask all your suppliers send samples to us and we ship together .this will help you save time and money .

For Order shipment 

Your own forwarder 
To avoid any extra request for battery goods shipment ,we suggest you can check with your shipping agent to check first .they may have different files and pack way for this special goods .or you can tell your supplier’s sales to contact your shipping agent to check .that’s all ok .

MSDS ,UN38.3 ,Non-Dangerous letter is a must ,your supplier can offer all those files .

battery shipment certification

Ship Via suppliers directly 

This will be very easy and time-saving for you .you just need to pay them shipping cost and they will arrange everything for you .


The TWS earbuds market keeps increasing every year ,as Apple airpod is crazy expensive ,people would like to buy other brands instead of airpod .

It’s a good choice to import TWS headphone with your own brand from China ,a good product will help you won the market easily .

You can start your earphone business online ,search on Alibaba or contact is as your sourcing agent to help you import from China .


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