China Clusters Mapping

Industry Clusters 101 in China [ maintain and continuous updating ]

Industry clusters are groups of similar and related firms in a defined geographic area that share common markets, technologies, worker skill needs, and which are often linked by buyer-seller relationships. Firms and workers in an industry cluster draw competitive advantage from their proximity to competitors, to a skilled workforce, to specialized suppliers and a shared base of sophisticated knowledge about their industry.

Region City Industry Cluster
Heilongjiang Suihua Linen products
Jilin Tonghua Pharmaceutical; Steel
Liaoning Shenyang Ceramic building materials
Liaoning Yingkou Magnesium products
Liaoning Dandong Measuring instruments
Shandong Qingdao Textile machinery
Shandong Yantai Clothing; Wine
Shandong Weihai Textiles
Shandong Linqing Axle bearings
Shandong Rizhao Fisheries
Shandong Jinan Transportation equipment
Shandong Dezhou Solar water heaters
Shandong Liaocheng Steel pipes
Shandong Linyi Crop protection machinery
Anhui Hefei Household appliances
Jiangsu Wuxi Electric wires and cables;Environmental protection equipment; Purple clay teaware; Electronics; Photovoltaic
Jiangsu Suzhou IT; Circuit boards; Apparel; Silk textiles
Jiangsu Zhenjiang Eyewear
Jiangsu Taizhou Ship building; Energy equipment
Jiangsu Xuzhou Wood processing
Jiangsu Yangzhou Leather shoes
Jiangsu Lianyungang Silicone products
Shanghai Jinshan Chemicals
Zhejiang Hangzhou Steel structures; Boxboards
Zhejiang Wenzhou Lighters; Locks; Medium and low voltage electrical appliances; Valves; Plastic woven packaging
Zhejiang Jiaxing Fur; Leather; Warp knitting; Opto-mechatronics
Zhejiang Ningbo Molds; Household electronic appliances; Stationery
Zhejiang Jinhua Small commodities; Hardware; Electric tools
Zhejiang Shaoxing Textiles; Dyeing; Socks; Pearls; Ties
Zhejiang Taizhou Plastic shoes; Solid waste recycling
Zhejiang Huzhou Bamboo products
Fujian Quanzhou Trainers, Zipper, Plumbing hardware, Snacks
Fujian Putian Jade processing, Chinese classical furniture
Fujian Shishi Children's wear
Guangdong Zhongshan Machinery and electronics; Packaging; Lighting; Casual wear
Guangdong Dongguan Electronic products
Guangdong Guangzhou Denim clothing; Automobiles
Guangdong Shantou Underwear; Toys
Guangdong Shenzhen Electronic products
Guangdong Yunfu Stones; Kitchenware
Guangdong Huizhou Shoes
Hunan Changsha Fireworks and firecrackers
Hunan Zhuzhou Ceramics
Guizhou Zunyi Chinese liquor
Chongqing Bishan Motorcycles
Hubei Yichang Phosphorus chemicals
Hubei Xiantao Nonwoven textiles
Shaanxi Baoji Titanium products
Henan Xinxiang Cranes
Henan Zhenzhou Aluminum products; Refractory materials
Shanxi Taiyuan Stainless steel; Radiators
Shanxi Xinzhou Forging
Shanxi Jinzhou Coking
Xinjiang Shihezi Cotton textile
Hebei Cangzhou Insulation materials; Metal casting
Hebei Xingtai Cashmere
Hebei Hengshui Rubber (applied in engineering)
Hebei Langfang Furniture
Hebei Handan Fasteners
Zhejiang Wenzhou Lucheng District leather shoe;Lighter;
Zhejiang Wenzhou Longwan District artificial leather;Automobile and Motorcycle Parts;Casual Shoes
Zhejiang Cangnan County Printing;Lock
Zhejiang Yueqing low-voltage electrical appliance;zipper;
Zhejiang Pingyang County Plastic Packaging
Zhejiang Jiashan County Wood Industry and Furniture Industry;
Zhejiang Haining Leather Processing;
Zhejiang Tongxiang City sweater;
Zhejiang Pinghu City Optoelectronic Industry;
Zhejiang Haiyan County Fastener
Zhejiang Wuzhou District, Huzhou City children’s clothing
Zhejiang Anji County Bamboo Processing
Zhejiang Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Steel Structure
Zhejiang Tonglu County Pen
Zhejiang Fuyang City White Paper Industry
Zhejiang Ningbo City Ningbo suit shirts industry
Zhejiang Yuyao City Ningbo Die Industry
Zhejiang Cixi City Ningbo Household Appliance
Zhejiang Ninghai County Ningbo stationery industry
Zhejiang Yiwu City Small Commodity Cluster(Yiwu wholesale market-more than 400,000 kinds of small commodities)
Zhejiang Dongyang City wood carving
Zhejiang Yongkang City Hardware Industry(power tools;Construction copper strips;anti-slip strips; gas stove burners and copper products)
Zhejiang Zhuji Socks Industry
Zhejiang Yuhuan County Low and Middle Pressure Valve
Zhejiang Luqiao District, Taizhou City metal solid waste processing
Zhejiang Wenling City Injection Shoe Industry
Zhejiang Huangyan District Plastic Mould Industry
Zhejiang Taizhou sewing machine industry
Zhejiang Shaoxing County Textile Industry
Zhejiang Shengzhou City Tie Industry
Zhejiang Zhoushan City Fishery Processing
Guangdong Shenzhen Communications Electronics;Consumer electronics;electronic components;
Guangdong Guangzhou Huangpu District consumer goods
Guangdong Zengcheng City, Guangzhou Denim Garment
Guangdong Guangzhou City Automobile Manufacturing
Guangdong Panyu District, Guangzhou City Jewelry Processing
Guangdong Huadu District, Guangzhou City Leather Industry
Guangdong Chenghai District, Shantou City Toys and Gifts Industry
Guangdong Dongguan city Electronic Information Industry;cultural goods;electronics;
Guangdong Shunde District of Foshan City Furniture Industry;Household Appliance
Guangdong Nanhai District, Foshan City Metal Processing Industry;Textile
Guangdong Chancheng District, Foshan City Building Sanitary Ceramic;
Guangdong Huizhou Electronics Product
Guangdong Kaiping City Plumbing Equipment
Guangdong Yunfu City Stone Processing
Guangdong Jiangmen Motorcycle Industry
Guangdong Yangjiang City knife and scissors industry
Jiangsu Yixing City Wire and Cable;Arts and Crafts Ceramic
Jiangsu Jiangyin City Fine Textile
Jiangsu Wuxi City Electronics
Jiangsu Zhangjiagang City Metallurgical and Metal Processing;notebook computer;Precision Machinery
Jiangsu Changshu Garment;Lubricating
Jiangsu Wujiang City Silk Textile;Stainless Steel Products
Jiangsu Taixing City reducer
Jiangsu Jingjiang City Shipbuilding
Jiangsu Donghai County Crystal
Jiangsu Nanjing Chemical
Jiangsu Nantong city National Spinning
Jiangsu Xuzhou Construction Machinery
Fujian Fuzhou City Display Imaging
Fujian Xiamen City commercial electronic product
Fujian Jinjiang City Casual Sports Industry
Fujian Shishi Leisure Sportswear Industry;Leisure Food;
Fujian Nanping City Forestry Processing
Shandong Qingdao City Electronics and Household Appliance
Shandong Yantai Wine Industry
Shandong Shouguang City agricultural and sideline products processing
Shandong Zibo City Craft Glass
Shandong Dezhou City Fiberglass Products
Shanghai Baoshan District Iron and Steel
Shanghai Pudong New Area Financial
Liaoning Shenyang city Machine Tool and Machinery
Liaoning Dalian City Equipment Manufacturing
Heilongjiang Daqing City Petrochemical
Heilongjiang Harbin City Biopharmaceutical
Beijing Haidian District IT Industry
Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Hohhot Dairy Industry
Hebei Xinji City Leather Industry
Chongqing Chongqing City Automobile and Motorcycle
Sichuan Chengdu Chinese Liquor Brewing
Henan Luohe Food Industry
Jiangxi Jingdezhen Porcelain
Yunnan Yuxi City Tobacco Processing
Henan Xuchang wig;hair
Shandong Zhucheng county Weifang poultry slaughter equipment

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