Our Main Services

On-Site Coordination

On-site supervision of all pre-opening activities related to the launch Coordination of logistics, supplies and construction. Quality assurance onsite and monitoring execution of the punch-list. PromaxSourcing can dispatch specialised staff members to ensure effective equipment installation on-site to ensure that project construction complies with your agreed brand specs.

Warehousing Management

Either with PromaxSourcing's own service partners with whom PromaxSourcing has established relationships and is able to obtain favourable rates, or by managing the client's warehousing agencies, we provide one stop service to improve your inventory efficiency and accelerate your response to changing customer demand. Our experts design, implement, and operate flexible warehousing and distribution solutions tailored to your business needs.

Logistic Management

Our team have worked closely with many small, medium and large companies in helping to establish efficient and effective end-to-end supply chain solutions and implementation.Whatever it is, wherever it needs to go, however it needs to get there, PromaxSourcing can help you run your logistics on time and on budget. We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to ease the process of freight forwarding whether by sea, rail or road – including extensive import and export services.

Quality Control

Performing Quality Management (QA/QC), Expediting and Third Party Management by assigning a working group of experienced quality management experts. conducting quality management to meet client's specifications and international quality standard requirements (ISO and etc.). If informed, identifying a suitable service provider as PromaxSourcing conduct comprehensive third party management.

Factory Audit

Enjoy our fully and detailed factory audit service. Site inspections, Sample Testing and Standards will be performed  by inspecting manufacturing sites for standard operating procedures evaluation based on technical specifications and test; by expedited sample testing and by ensuring compliance with international quality standards.

Business Expansion

We provide international market development and expansion services to clients – Company registration, officing and recruitment etc. if you have intention entering Chinese market. Doing business in China initially brings with it great challenges but even greater rewards. We provide a wide array of services, sound local market advice and a great deal of experience in helping customers establish their team in China.

Product Development

Customers who want to develop new products with Chinese company will get our fully support in supplier chain management end. Profound knowledge about domestic business culture give us an advantage in cross-border cooperation.With a China presence outstanding our customer in three aspects, namely the ability to diversify suppliers, the potential to reduce costs and the power to lower risk.

Market Analysis

Each procurement activity will be carefully considered by Market Analysis. Our team will collect statistics from different channel to see if there is a business chance. Procurement Needs Analysis and China Procurement Competitive Analysis to establish the feasibility and potential of the undertaking, culminating in initial cost models and target lists

Product Sourcing

As a China based sourcing agent, we can help you out of the jungle of procurement. Free yourself from language barriers, time-consuming searching and business fraud. we always strive to add value into customer's global supply chain by implementing a competitive bidding process to elicit quotations while controlling for the quality of deliverables.

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